Human Activities
            Many types of human activites affect the desert biome. Like off roading, when we run our vehicles over the desert soil and carve the tracks into the soil that will scar the land for many years. These tracks can kill off vegitation in the desert. When the vegitation is hurt so are the animals. Animals that rely on the sandy desert floor for camouflage can also be harmed greatly. 
                                                                              Water Depravation
            There is so little water that moves through the desert, the plants with water are provided with water from irragation from rivers and wells. By removing fossil water from reservoirs humans are basically mining for water. Once this water is gone it is gone for good. Burning and overgrazing the land on the desert may irreversibly damage some plants thay holds the soil together and concentrate the amount of water, causing deserts to encroach on arable land. This is a serious problem for the world, it is called desertification. In 1984 a desertification study went down in the UN saying that 35 percent of Earth's surface was effected by that process.   
                                                                              Military Excercises
            Military excercises can cause extensive damage to plants and soil in the desert, but many military bases are not open to the public, they also protect many thousands of acres from any other disterbunces. 
                                                                                Running Pipes
           Trenching that is asociated with underground piplines for gas, oil, water, etc. makes soil crusts and rock surfaces unstable, concetrating erosion and water runoff. Reaserch has shown that it takes more than 30 years for these areas to recover.    
                                                                          By: Greyson Krieger